Sunday, December 25, 2005


We're still here with my folks. It's incredible. It's been like a normal family who loves and cares for each other sort of Christmas! I feel really horrible right now for that cynical post from yesterday. Shame on me.

Thanks for the prayers. If there were some way I could convey in this space, with just the words I have in my brain, how it's been compared to how it used to be....well...I'd do it.

I guess the fact that we're here for an extra night says it all.

We've heard from the two guys in FL. They called us from an alligator farm today. I can't imagine a place like that being open on Christmas day but apparently it was. Odd, huh? They sounded great and we were both relieved to hear from them.

The only person not too thrilled about staying here the extra night is Mr.18-yr.-old who apparently has "pressing engagements" back home. Whatever. I'm half-inclined to "kidnap" him and hold him here for the ransom of getting that head of hair of his cut about 5 inches shorter! Yep, it's that long.

#4 has even been exceptionally bearable during this visit. As the master manipulator of the 4 he's been known to try and "work it" a bit when we're here with the grandparents.

Tdub is in media heaven and completely enjoying having full control of the remote as my dad tends to doze off in his recliner pretty early on. We get just enough TV during times like this to enjoy it and yet remind us of all the reasons we continue to resist signing up for it. I think I'll go have another dessert!



em said...

Nice! Glad to hear that things there are going pretty well! Excellent! I spent Christmas with a friend's family on the coast, and it was the most enjoyable Christmas I've ever had! I don't even think it had to do with the fact that we're on the coast. ;-)

Hope you get #1's hair cut!! I'm increasingly on your side the longer it goes uncut.

grace said...

Well....supposedly a trim is scheduled for next week. I wonder how much I'd have to slip the woman to accidentally snip an extra 3 inches or so?? It's not so much the length that I's the fact that he doesn't get the proper maintenance trims for a cut of that type...which makes me wish he'd just go with a completely shorter doo.

And then, I remind myself of what a blessing it is that our biggest point of contention in life right now is his hair. What's a parent to do?

So glad to hear you've had a lovely Christmas. I'm certain the idyllic location had NOTHING to do with it. :)

Talk soon!