Saturday, December 24, 2005

Heading Out

We're leisurely getting ready this morning to make the 3-hr. trek to my parent's house straight north of here. Things have taken a surprising turn for the better as of late regarding them. Of course, after the history we have, it's difficult to trust that it will last...but hey...I'm convinced God can redeem ANY situation so I need to shut up and accept the goodness.

Basically, Tdub has had 2 very friendly email exchanges with MY MOTHER! Just feel free to load those capital letters in that last sentence with whatever amount of shock and awe you can muster. Who knew. There was actual eye contact and a bit of conversation at Thanksgiving....could an outright hug be far behind??? Oh the wonder of it all. Again, I feel compelled by my Christian humility to state that we certainly carry a bit of the fault regarding the demise of this relationship....but not that much. ;) We are human after all and in the beginning of the marriage, when it all "went to hell" pretty much, I said a few things to my mom and dad that I shouldn't have. But I've apologized for that....even though it was never accepted as an actual apology. Go figure. I think they were looking for something more in the line of an actual divorce from Tdub as an apology to them. I'm just speculating.

Oh the cynicism. Keep us in your prayers. HO. HO. HO. Here we go.



Elizabeth said...

Merry Christmas!!! Hope you have a safe journey and all!! God bless!

P.S I shall keep you in my prayers!

grace said...

Thank you Elizabeth! You're a sweetheart!