Friday, December 23, 2005

Day After Rambling

It's "the day after" for us and the two middle guys have safely arrived in FL. They're old enough that they'd call if things really started going downhill for some reason. But still, even at that, they're a long long way from home. The opportunities to trust God around this house just never stop! I'm sure that's true at every household...but geez...sometimes it does seem like we've been extra blessed with crap to place in God's hands. (yuck! that didn't sound good...but really...i think it's a pretty good analogy of how He cares for us...He's willing to take care of our crap) Not gonna whine (even though maybe I just did).

My heart is warmed for this reason. Yesterday's giftings included a (slightly used) Playstation2 for #3, new TV and XBOX football game for #4, and the illustrious Ipod Nano for #2. College boy got wakeskating stuff...some special handle thing, rope, shoes...junk like that. I'm so thankful that Tdub is such a shopping freak and enjoys surfing and searching until every last one of them has what they want for the absolute best deal he's able to find.

ANYWAY....I'm encouraged that at the end of the day....for at least 2 solid hours...the little guys played with nothing but their 97 cent Slinkys that were in their stockings. You have no idea how deafening the sound of 3 slinkys plopping down a 120-yr.-old wooden staircase can be. Not to mention the resulting woots and hollars as eventually they achieved the grand fete of causing a slinky to go from top to bottom without stopping. I think the trick is a combination of the release and the position of landing on the first stair.

This exchange occurred just a bit ago, after having fixed one of my outrageously wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches for Sons #1 and #4....

#4 (the baby/brat!) exhales great big and says: "Awwww Mom, I feel so free."
Me: Really?
#4: "Yep. (brother3) is gone and I can have all the milk I want."
Me: "I didn't realize we had a milk problem around here."
#4: "Yeah! He HOGS the milk ALL the time!"

I hope #3 is in FL feeling the free and simple pleasure of his own milk jug as well. Brothers.



em said...

Milk hogs... the worst! sheesh!

How does #4 deal? I can't imagine! ;-)

grace said...

All I can say is...