Monday, December 12, 2005

Medium Ash Blonde

The musical was a great success last night. Tdub, being the only "straight male" character (as in not comical) in the play did his hair in a parted-to-the-side and combed-over doo. He had the whole Ward Cleaver thing workin'. It was the most hilarious thing you've ever seen. Even FOUR-year-olds were making remarks about how funny "Mr. T's" hair looked. It was great.

I do have a newfound appreciation for his vanity after seeing how he might look otherwise. A little vanity can be a very good thing! ; ) Everyone who knows Tdub very well at all loves to give him a hard time about his hair. Not only is it an ever-changing thing (thank goodness we're past the long phase) but we all find it comical that even all our boys know that Tdub's hair color is medium ash blond.
His eyes are hazel and his hair is medium ash blond and we love him just that way...bonk bonk. (a song we sing in children's worship).

Believe me, I get plenty of grief from Tdub and others for many of my
own "special" qualities. We've found it's best to accept our quirks and
be able to laugh about them together. It's part of what makes our
marriage joyful and at the same time bearable. After all, we do bear
one another's burdens and laughter can make those burdens lighter if
it's mutual. To me, humor is just another of those amazing attributes
that points me towards an intelligent and loving creator who is
interested in even the small pieces of my life. Otherwise, He'd not
have designed it this way. It's genius....what bit of it I can wrap my
mind around.


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Elizabeth said...

Oh my! Ward Cleaver hair-do!! How...tragically funny!! xD

I'm glad the musical went so well!

tdub said...

Since you now (suddenly) have a new-found appreciation for my vanity, you won't mind if i return to my more blonde M.A.B. roots???


Yes, Grace, dearest, you are so patient with my vanity and other excesses (shoes, movies, gadgets, shoes, and of course Christmas lights). It's truly one of the blessings of our marriage: how we can be so give and take with what life presents us. How, despite our, er, unique attributes, we're able to find JOY through all [and in spite] of it.

Medium Ash Blonde or Ward Cleaver Combover.

(Oh and: just admit it: when you saw me walk onto that stage with that 'do, you KNOW you wanted me more than ever!)

em said...

I definitely agree... quirkiness is part of any relationship. You can either let it annoy you or find the beauty and fun in those little things.

I do think it's hilarious that all the boys know Medium Ash Blonde is the color. Very nice... ;-)