Saturday, December 17, 2005

On the Way Home

Son #1 is on his way home from California as I write. He and the roommate decided to make it a road trip which we were completely in favor of since it does not require as much depletion of the Christmas budget. They are in AZ right now having stayed the night with a Pepperdine buddy there. While I'm a bit disappointed that he didn't care for the Pepperdine experience, and probably even more disappointed in myself for not making him stick it out there for the entire year, I feel good about the experiences he's had and the fact that even a semester in a place VERY different from where he grew up will surely serve him well for the future. I even think this little road trip home will probably become one of his fondest memories as time goes by. He'll be going to school here in Texas next semester and is VERY MUCH looking forward to being back "home". I'm pretty sure at this point, that in years to come, I won't have to worry about THIS son taking my dear little grandchildren off to another state. I think he's convinced that Texas is the place to be! We shall see. Who knows what lies ahead for him? I'm enjoying watching and getting to be a part of guiding him along the way.


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