Thursday, December 22, 2005

Our Christmas Morning

We finished our Christmas morning here a little while ago. I'm stuffed from the huge breakfast casserole I made and the boys are all playing contentedly with their new video games and ipod Nano. (do you play with an ipod nano?)

We're waiting for Tdub's 77-yr.-old mother to arrive. She couldn't pull herself away from her morning hair appt. to get here for the actual event. She's 77. She does what she wants...which is fine with me....but you can imagine the disgust with which Tdub views her "stong-willed" behavior. I find it quite funny! I don't mean to make her out to be a careless person. Not at ALL. She's just one of those over-bearing Texas women (if you have any concept of that) who likes things her own way. She can never stand to be truly retired and 4 years ago opened a restaurant in a small town near here which consumes most of her time. It's only open Thursday-Saturday but she somehow has managed to tear herself away (only by closing it) for the Christmas holiday. However, this hair appointment was made before we let her know about our Christmas morning being today...and so....well...gotta get that hair fixed, ya know. Mind you, there will be no cutting involved in this effort...but much hair spray I assure you. She still calls it the "beauty shop".

We love her and will enjoy her visit. To me, the fact that she didn't rearrange her hair appointment and make it here for our Christmas unveiling means that she is flexible enough not to have rigid expectations for our own comings and goings on holidays. I like that. :) Tdub can give his own assessment in the comments if he wishes, but he sees it quite differently. And he, unlike me, is not at all "entertained" by the bit of squabbling the two of them do now and then over these sorts of instances. ho. ho. ho.

The middle guys leave for FL first thing in the morning. Yikes! Waiting anxiously to see how that whole visit plays out.

I have more to blog about but I don't like long blogs so I'm stopping for now.



Jim said...

I admit it -- sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake. Took me a moment to figure out why you were doing Christmas today.

I can relate to the different perspectives thing. I have a much harder time being patient with my mother-in-law than my wife does. Probably that's because I didn't live in her household all my life and so didn't have to get used to her. The way she operates is so different than the way I like to do things that it frustrates me sometimes.

Looking forward to seeing what else you have to blog about.

grace said...

Hey Jim! Thanks for coming to my blog! You're not slow on the uptake (whatever!)...I just write these entries as sort of one long stream of consciousness in some you hadn't read what I'd written a few days ago it couldn't have been so obvious that our family was going to be down by 2 as of tomorrow morning.

We had a great visit with Tdub's mom.....she's really a jewel and an awesome role-model to me in so very many ways. As far patience, it's just one of those traits (it's a fruit, though, isn't it? hmmm...)where Tdub and I completely balance one another out in that I AM patient and he is NOT. haha!

Thanks again for stopping by!