Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back Home

*big sigh*

This is one of those times when I'm MOST grateful for the 2-week break we get as teachers. I can't imagine those poor mothers back at work right now...having to leave the chaotic remainders of decorations, gift exchanges, and travel mess that's left behind. While it's a bit overwhelming, at least I know that I have the rest of this week to either take care of it myself or go into complete drill-sergeant mode and rally what's left of the troops here to help me put it all away. I'll do it all myself just because it's easier and I hate yelling. Tdub will be very offended by my compassion only for mothers in this post. That's because he's one of the rare men who will actually help and take care to help with all of this mess. I know good and well that's not the case in most homes.

Originally, we were looking forward to a great deal of "alone" time during this week. We naively thought that with the two in FL, we'd send #4 to spend the entire week with his dad here in town, and we'd be free. That plan hasn't worked out quite to our advantage but it looks like we may get a bit of a reprieve for at least this one evening. The boys are all old enough to be here without us but no one wants to be alone in the house, least of all #4.

Right now there's plenty to do so I'll get to it. Tdub has all ready made a huge dent in the reorganization of his closet (he saves those huge men's shoe boxes, augh!) and if I sit here much longer typing the guilt will kill me! ;)


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Jim said...

I completely understand why you haven't added me to your blogroll. :) I'm just glad you stop by periodically to read. Always love having visitors...

grace said...

Thanks! I have added you to my bloglines account thingy so I'm alerted when you update. I appreciate your ability to speak the truth in love.