Friday, December 23, 2005

Junk Email

Am I the only one whose junk email folder suddenly started overflowing as soon as it turned December??? And it's still going. AS IF I'm going to suddenly respond to one of those things now that it's Christmas.

Enlarge your p(rivates)...hmmm...that'd make the perfect gift for dear old dad. Gee, I'm glad that showed up in my email.




Jim said...

Not my junk mail folder. But then again, I'm a Gmail user, and the filters are superb! Sorry to hear the volume of junk mail has increased. I'd like to get my hands on spammers..... ;-)

grace said...

Hey Jim! I've had this one hotmail account for eons in my real name...I always check the junk folder because sometimes actual mail goes in there.

One thing I'm so grateful for is this code recognition thing on the blogs now that keeps the spammers out of the comments.

Merry Christmas!