Tuesday, April 04, 2006


It's ironic to me that so many Christians get caught up in holding gay folks (moreso than any others or themselves) accountable for their sin. I know many gay folks as well as many like my husband whose same sex attractions are unwanted. One of the truest stereotypes I've come across about gays and strugglers is this. They are, by and large, very intelligent people. In fact, I honestly don't think I've ever met a stupid gay person. They are usually quick-witted, insightful, and intellectually challenging to talk to. I'm pretty sure that my belief that homosexual acts are not part of God's original intent or design (sin) got through to them the very first time they read it here on this blog. I don't need to restate it, repost it using different analogies or references, or shove it down their throats once a month just so they don't forget where I really stand on the issue. In fact, if they're like me, they probably even struggle with other sins, not just that one...actual sins that we'd agree were sins. Maybe we should start with some of the "lesser" sins and work our way up. (that was sarcasm)

The irony of this situation is, that because I claim Christ, I am going to be held accountable for the way I've treated them. It would be crazy, would it not, for someone to "sin" against the very ones they were attempting to "save". And yet, that's what I see happening over and over again in the way that some Christians deal with this one issue. I'm being judgemental here, so I have to be careful. I realize that. I've just had some conversations, been in some prayer times, and done some reading lately that have reaffirmed my comittment to LOVE.


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Brady said...

Hey Grace. I like the post, very nicely stated. I will say I've met a gay person or two that wasn't the smartest, though ;-)

grace said...

Hehe! I was pretty certain one of you guys would point that out to me! ;)

I won't say I haven't met any "non-deep" gays or strugglers...but even my more "shallow" friends are wickedly funny in a very "smart" way.

It's all relative when you get down to it. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

There are all kinds of reasons for the way some Christians treat gays. I've come to think that at least some of them are satisfying their own sinful nature through the "righteous" anger they exhibit - it can be satisfying to hate just as it can be to gossip, cheat, or steal, etc. When one thinks that God is on their side, well that can make it downright delicious. Paul knew this - he enjoyed persecuting Christians when he believed it was blessed by God. It may take an equally abrupt tap on the shoulder from God for some of us to wake up to that fact.


Angie said...

It always comes down to love, doesn't it? Sounds so simple... but your last post shows how multi-faceted that one little word can be. It sure convicts me, especially when I'm so impatient with how slow change is to come (particularly regarding how Christians respond to gay people and people with unwanted SSA). As much as they frustrate me, they deserve the same extra measure of love that I require of them for gay people.

Maybe I just need to focus on the greatest command in order to find the strength I need to tackle the second!

It's all about love!

grace said...

You are right. And Angie is right. This love thing can be a hard pill to swallow at times...for any of us in any situation. It is the recognition of my own depravity and hopelessness without Him that seems to motivate me best. Which basically, is just keeping my eyes more focused on ME and my OWN walk than on everybody's else's. And I still stink at on several levels in various situations.


Pete said...

Hi Grace, this is my first visit, Thx God I met this blog. I've read some of the popular post section. You are so cool!...I wish someday I meet a supportive wife like you to can help me with my struggle, Havin SSA is not a sin, what matters is yr action not yr thought...Keep it up, Take Care

grace said...

Hello Pete! I'm glad to hear you've felt encouraged from your visit here. Thanks for encouraging ME with your comment!
in Him,

em said...

I think you're totally spot-on with what you're getting at here. Basically, who of us can honestly claim that we have faithfully loved our neighbors? I mean, we can barely love ourselves well. How can we be so arrogant to parade around like everything is fine with us while pointing fingers at others? All this while breaking God's primary command to what? Love. We really have got to be kidding ourselves.