Thursday, October 13, 2005

Prayer Request

He came home too soon. Pepperdine son is missing his friends from back home horribly and it was made worse by the trip home last weekend. He's ready to ditch California and move to Austin next year. He knows he has to finish the year there AND do well before we'll even consider a move like that.

Please pray with me that he will connect with friends there and find his niche. That's really all he needs to do. I know he's made friends there, and I did worry a little originally that it would be discouraging to be a regular middle class kid with no money in the middle of so many spoiled rich children. I can't tell that he's having difficulty with that aspect. He's pretty laid back. It's just the yearning for his close friends that he's not getting past at this point.
So please pray for him with me. I'd really appreciate it.

And I don't care what you call yourself sexually...I'm asking you to pray with me.

in Him,
p.s. i won't tell you his name but it's in the bible and it was a guy who spent the night with a bunch of lions.


Marla said...

Hi grace, I'm honored that you're joining the Godblogroll. But before I can add you, you have to have a reciprocal link in your sidebar (titled Godblogroll). That was in the instructions, but they were so wordy, you might have missed it! :)

I think I commented here a ways back but in case I forgot to say it, I grew up in the church that founded the ex-gay movement so a lot of my friends struggled with SSA. John Paulk, whom you may have heard of, was a housemate at one time -- he and his wife Anne (another friend) have an amazing testimony (and yep, they're still married, though he's moved out of ex-gay ministry so they could get on with their lives and away from the death threats on their family).

grace said...

Thanks Marla! I'll get that taken care of. I'm sure I "read" the directions but for some reason teachers are often the worst at following them! I'll do that right now!

Brady said...

Hey Grace!

I think that kind of feeling happens when kids leave home for a long time. I went to school in San Antonio and made my way back to Houston very frequently my first year. I think it just takes some time. He'll get used to things and will come to love it I'm sure. I definitely came to love college even if I had my initial apprehensions.

grace said...

Thanks for your reassurance Brady! :) It can be tough stuff watching your kids struggle with life affecting decisions like this. He says he thinks he'd be good with staying out there if there were at least one of his all ready close friends there. We'll see. Thanks again for commenting!