Saturday, October 08, 2005

Buttermilk Pie

I'm making a big dinner for the family and some friends tonight. One of my son's favorite desserts (they all love it) is buttermilk pie. The boys all call it cream pie, even though I've told them it's actually buttermilk pie. I think they just can't get past the word buttermilk. ANYWAY, if you've never had or made buttermilk pie it's GREAT! A true Southern delight. And simple to make.

Cream (1/2C.) 1 stick room temperature butter into 2C.of sugar. Add 3 eggs and beat well.(use a mixer and cream it really well till it's sort of almost fluffy) Add 1T. flour and mix again. Add 1C. buttermilk and mix again. Add 1t. vanilla and give it one last stir.

Pour it in a pie crust (i use the pre-rolled kind and they are great) and bake it at 350 for 50 to 60 minutes.

You will not regret it!



Robert said...

This recipe makes me salivate just looking at it. My grandfather was from Texas, and he just loved to put sugar and butter into everything. I visited Houston and I came to understand how he learned his culinary skills. Breakfast is not complete without a little tub of whipped butter, and a little tub of syrup, to drown your biscuits and everything else on your plate. YUM!

grace said...

Yep! You're talkin' southern delight there....but...have you ever heard of chocolate gravy???? dad used to make chocolate gravy for me on Sunday mornings....i ate it as i watched "Davey and Goliath"....every sunday....i grew up in Oklahoma...for shame...even more redneck than TEXAS for the most part since it's much more "rural" over-all...