Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Coming Soon...

Watch this space for a post that's brewing and will spew forth in a day or so. I truly believe I've been tougher on "traditional Christians" in the bulk of this blog than I have been on "Gay Folk"(be they Christian or not). I'm going to post about what I believe to be a major obstacle in the whole gay-liberal vs.straight-christian fundamentalist dividing line. Don't worry, I won't be horribly mean or's just not in me...well...usually...Tdub might argue on occasion. But I will be honest.


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Chronic Closure said...

That would be a good idea if you have many points about gay people you'd like to express, but it'd be best not to do it in the name of fairness. It's nice to see someone of a particular opinion or belief(Christian/atheist/anti-gay/pro-gay or anything else)honestly critize their own side as opposed to making countless excuses for the behavior of the radicals and unfairly bashing the other side as if that makes things better. I'd probably do what you're doing if not for my fear of harsh criticism. *g*

This is a wonderful blog you're doing, and I'd love to read your opinions of this matter regardless. =D