Thursday, October 06, 2005

In Other News

Let's digress from the whole "notgay-comingout-anonymous" thing...*whew*...

Life goes on here at the home of Tdub and Grace as the oldest son has made his first reappearance from having been away at college in Malibu; where all the boys and girls carry Razor phones, the professors actually smile at you, and the temperature stays a breezy 70 degrees year round.

The verdict is still out over whether or not he's bonded to life at Pepperdine. He says he's going to give it a full year before he decides. He's not too keen on the fact that it's so far away from home. In my opinion, it's not that he would actually come home all that much if he were closer, it's just that he'd have the option. I think he feels "stuck" there. He drives a jeep, which is controlled by his dad. Dad is waiting on the first report card before allowing the jeep to go to Malibu. I think that's smart (we actually AGREE on something...mark that down!!). That said, I'm hoping that after he (hopefully) earns a good grade card and is allowed to take the jeep, he'll feel more inclined to stay out there for school. He's still talking about doing the overseas program and has to commit by October 10. He's 18. What can I say?

Things are going really well here with him home. Everyone is happy to see him. He spent 2 hours playing with the little guys on the trampoline this afternoon and has had lunch with them at school. He's totally filling the role of the cool big brother home from college and Tdub and I are thrilled to death with how attentive he's been to them. We've been reminded by his words and actions of how much he really cares for the family and appreciates what we're all about. That's so awesome for us as parents.

God is good. Life is good.


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