Saturday, October 15, 2005


We are making a 3 hr. drive to my last Granny's funeral today. She was 93. The youngest son, when told of her death commented, "wow, she was 93...then she lived a long and happy life, didn't she?" For the most part, I think her life was happy...and yes, it certainly was long. She was never a strong believer, it was my other Granny who died several years ago who left her legacy of faith with me.

We'll see lots of cousins I rarely see and of course my parents. It's never easy seeing my parents. The relationship has been strained to say the least ever since I married Tdub. Particularly with my mother. They don't know about his struggle. They pretty much just think he's gay. So here we go. Lovely. A funeral AND time with family members who are homophobic.

Pray for our safety.



Robert said...

I have been sending out prayers and good thoughts for you, Tdub, and your son at Pepperdine. I hope that your family comes to understand that your marriage to Tdub is your own and that they can learn acceptance.

grace said...

Thank you so very much for your thoughts and prayers. It means alot to me. Things went fine mom at least spoke to Tdub which doesn't always happen. And it was great to see lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins (many I hadn't seen in years) and exchange strong hugs and "i love yous". Ultimately I know that God has every bit of this in control and I'm trusting in His purpose to be revealed eventually even in the estranged relationship I have with my mother.
I'm thinking maybe we need to specifically pray for my son that he meet a special girl! :) What do you think of that?
Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.

em said...

Hey there -- sorry to hear about your grandma's passing and the associated family craziness. I've been out-of-pocket with traveling to Chattanooga, trying to work on the house, etc. Glad to know that it was fine with the family.

How will your son ever meet a girl with such raggedy hair???? ;-) hehe