Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More Letters to Brother

Here's the latest...from the youngest. The 12-yr. old's letter got mailed before I could see it, darn it!

Hey Brother,
I miss you a lot but can’t wate until you come back on Thanksgiving. I have been getting along with (brother3) and (brother2). I am being nice to mom by doing what she sais. I hope you are doing good in school and finding friends. I haven’t got a girl yet but 5 like me. There is only one kindah hot girl but I don’t know.
I love you and miss you a lot.
Love you,!

We are sending one per day all week and ending up with a huge box of Halloween candy.
Not to be outdone by the parent's of the many children there who have given them platinum Mastercards!


Robert said...

Parents handing out "Platinum Mastercards" -- [sigh]

Yes, your son is at Pepperdine.

Assuming he stays out of the fraternities there, he will be fine. The disparities between the ecomomic classes of students becomes less annoying as time goes on, but yes -- Pepperdine (and USC) have it in spades.

The letter writing is a really good and fun idea!

grace said...

Thanks for your comments Robert. I appreciate ANY insight and help I can get at this's my first time to have a "child" of this age. He wants to come back to Texas BADLY...and I'm caving in at this point because he's talking about going to our Christian school here in Texas at semester. Don't even begin to tell me how twisted this is on my part from the Christian aspect of the whole thing. I don't even really care for the idea of a Christian school in the overall scheme of things. But I don't care...he's MY kid...and it boils down to what's best for him/us individually. I wonder if we could ALL take a lesson from that???