Monday, October 10, 2005

Dare Ya

Yes, husband...I AM going to blog about finding a baby possum in our kitchen. So there. I'll do it tomorrow. It's been a long day and I'm tired. And, before anyone sends the game warden to my house to fine me for harboring wild animals without a rehabilitator's license (that's yet ANOTHER blog)....the little guy has been set free.

I assume the little guy was a guy since I seem to be the only female thing that ever gets near this place.



tdubtx said...

husband here.

i think maybe you should turn in your blogger card. i mean, really--if you can say, "after i posted my latest blog entry and made a gourmet dinner with ziti pasta and artichoke hearts, i found a possum in my kitchen" can you have a blog?. :)

but at least you're not on here rambing about "the beautiful autumn colors" and "filling your cookie jar with the oreos with the orange filling."

hey i have an idea! maybe you should sign your postings "grace the possum blogger."

*sigh* i should so think twice about daring you to do anything.

(luv ya baby.)

tdubtx said...

next time, what about ziti, artichokes...

...and possum???!!!

dangitt woman! why'd you set that critter free?!

em said...

You are a Texan... eating it would be the only right thing to do. I mean, possom stew and buttermilk pie -- delicious! yeehaw!

Speaking of food, I have a funny story. I was trying to get Thai food for dinner tonight, but the hotel only had the phone number for a good place. I called them, ordered my curry, and asked for directions. I spoke with a Thai woman who barely spoke English for 10 minutes, on the verge of yelling, before I FINALLY figured out how to get there. It was a total of two turns from hotel to restaurant. hilarious!