Thursday, October 05, 2006


One of the most enjoyable things, or maybe it's just entertaining, about blogging is looking at the search topics that bring folks to the blog. This didn't start to be a factor until after I'd accumulated quite a body of work here. Now, I get all sorts of hits from folks looking for all kinds of things.

You'd be surprised, probably, at the number of people who've visited my blog while looking for a recipe for Buttermilk Delight Pie. I am Google hit #8 for Buttermilk Delight Pie. Apparently, this is a huge favorite for Labor Day weekend because my hits went crazy with searches for such a recipe during the days just before and even during that holiday weekend.

The other unexpectedly popular search items which bring curious minds to Willful Grace are the Googles for "baby possums" and "medium ash blonde". Just random stuff I've written about that these poor folks go looking for and end up reading, if they do, the ramblings of some chick married to a struggling and now out gay guy.

To the person who came just this evening, wanting to find out if having gay friends is a sin...........uh..........NO. :) Glad you came here for the answer to that burning question, and I'm sorry you've been exposed to whatever it is that makes you think you're sinning by befriending gay folk.

The search item that got me thinking on all this, and really jumped out at me just today, was this; Gay deliverance ministry failures. Hmmmm....there's one to ponder. I get alot of the "how can i tell if my husband is gay" and "my husband is not attracted to me" or even, "my husband doesn't want to have sex". I want you wives who come here for those reasons to know that I feel your pain and I pray for you....whoever you are.

Rob Bell says, "You'll find what you're looking for." Yep. And you may find a whole lot more.

love and grace,

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grantdale said...

the ramblings of some chick married to a struggling and now out gay guy

Grace. Grace. Grace...

You know that should read "...some HOT chick..."

What happened to the "hot", my dear? :)

(And now... explain where "hot chick" come from to the rest of your readers!)

In our thoughts, ya know: G&D

grace said... always make me smile! :)

and even *blush* a little!

It's certainly been a "blur" since that humorous little comment line we had going over at Ex-Gay Watch. But I still say, if a gay guy finds you attractive or "hot"...well...that's quite the compliment. (stereotyping like mad here! ;) Not that ALL gay men have exquisite taste in fashion, style, and all things beautiful...but...anyway...

Thanks for reminding me of that funny little *blush* of a moment.


Robert said...

Wow! It is intersting to know what brings people to this blog. I did not know that you could find out what search terms people use.

Yes, the buttermilk pie recipe is magnificent, especially for the holidays, and I would know since many pies went out to various parties and dinners I attended with rave reviews. (You would think the way some people were going back for slice after slice that I had baked some heroin in it. ;-D )


Jay said...

Wait? How are you able to find out what brings people to your blog?

Oh, and in response to this: Not that ALL gay men have exquisite taste in fashion, style, and all things beautiful...but...anyway...

I'll admit that it's not a requirement to be gay to have good taste...but it helps ;-)

grace said...

On your do have sitemeter? You just click on the thing that says "referrals" and it will show the links to the google pages where you were found and the words that people put in to find's so cool and fun. Almost a better diversion of time than television! ha!

email me if you don't have a sitemeter and i'll let you know how to get that going.

hey robert! you're hilarious as always! :)