Thursday, October 12, 2006

"Christian" Chat

I'm ashamed to admit what I'm going to write about today, but, oh well.

The other night I went into a "Christian" chat room in Yahoo. Why would I do such a thing? I'm trying to figure that out, particularly AFTER the fact. Nothing horrible happened, but I did experience a bit of a rude awakening of sorts. I mean, I didn't expect or even desire a Christian chat room to be full of folks chanting psalms or debating Calvinist vs. Arminian theology. But I also didn't expect a "Christian" chat room to be filled with folks who might very well take the phrase "laying on of hands" to more literal and somewhat less than appropriate, virtual meanings.


I am lonely sometimes. (although not THAT lonely!) This way of life is an adjustment. I come home every afternoon to my own expectations, my own needs to be met, and my own decisions to make about how to spend the evening. I'm more accustomed to running boys here and there, preparing dinner, making sure homework is done, cleaning up after dinner, then trying to relax for at least a few hours before falling asleep at the computer or with a book. In the midst of all that Tdub and I would usually spend a certain amount of time talking about our day, either on his drive home or after dinner. This is just WAY different than all that.

Drew, while a high-maintenance child in many ways, is 12-years-old and extremely independent. He often fixes his own healthy dinner, just because he ENJOYS cooking. Even when he doesn't cook, he's just ONE boy. He's also very conscientious, for the most part, about keeping up with his schoolwork and either doing his homework on his own or making darn sure I'm helping him get it done. It's just not that difficult with only one.

I guess I say all that in an attempt to figure out why I went on that Yahoo chat thing in the first place. I was just bored, I guess.

Next time, I'll read a book!

love and grace,


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Jay said...

I hope your adjusting goes well, Grace. I'm sure it's hard; just know that I'm praying for you.

And yeah, I haven't been to a Yahoo Christian chatroom, but I do have some experience with the comment threads on Townhall.

Just the other day I was told by a "Christian" woman that I was a "fascist Nazi freak!!!" and that I should "go ROT!" because I had the gall to object to her calling a transgendered commentator a "depraved f****t freak who should do us a favor and jump off a cliff!" What use are these people, huh? I told her that I was saddened to see a woman filled with so much hate, and I said I'd pray for her. Oddly, she didn't reply. Though the transgendered woman (which I suppose means a man who became a woman) thanked me for having her?/his? back.

But yeah, I'm not going back there for a while. I'll go to Newsweek for my news. :-)

Love you,

grace said...


Hey guy! Technically you had "her back". ;) I'm proud of you for that!

This adjustment is weird...because there were lots of times in my "old life" when I would have enjoyed this sort of break. But, I was committed to the life I had. *big sigh*

You're awesome for continuing to pray for me. I haven't sent your book yet...but I will...when is your fall break? Did I miss it?

love you too!!

Robert said...

Yes, there are a lot of adjustments to be made.

Since a running theme of this blog is "sexual attractions" I have to admit that there is something very sexy about a well-grounded person who is secure with himself/herself and is actively practicing his/her religious convictions.

grace said...

So Robert...are you SURE you don't want to be hetero???? LOL LOL just KIDDING!!!

Actually, Sports Illustrated called and they are saving a spot for me in their next swimsuit issue. ha. ha.

And for my last joke of the evening...

Just my's raining gay men!

have a great day!

Jay said...

Ya missed it ;-) But I'm still looking forward to the book.

FeatherIron said...

LOL!!! Grace!!

I went to a CS Lewis Conference last night at a local church and they were talking about the Screwtape Letters. I consider myself a student of Tolkien and Lewis but that book has always been dificult for me to get through so it was very good to hear from a real expert. Why am I telling you this? Well, I know you like CS Lewis (that is actually how I found your blog you know, I was looking for women who had simular interest as me so I could find some chick bloggers like myself)and I just thought you might have read that book and I wanted your take on weather we should tackle that in the book club? Cuz you know, I always feel the need to include a Lewis or Tolkien book every three months or so.

Also, and more importantly, I am praying for you. So is my friend Ann. She has never commented on here but we talk about your situation from time to time and I know she has been so sad for you and praying for you. She also is in the process of a divorce. Her husband is Bi-polar so she is dealing with a mess too.

Angie said...

I've done the Christian chat room thing ONCE before. That's all it took for me. I could rant here...

Maybe you're similar - maybe not. But my impulse to go there was a knee jerk reaction to a new void in my life. Like the answer to this pain is that I must DO something.

It's so hard to just sit with your situation... to lift it up in prayer without expecting some major intervention. But I hope you can do this. I'm not telling you to dry up and embrace spinsterhood (you're far too hot for that - and I'm straight!)... but to talk to God about what THIS particular phase of your life is for instead of moving on so quickly to the next phase.

My prayer is for you to meet God in a whole new way. You are definitely a friend of His... so I know He has something beautiful for you.

With so much love,

grace said...

FeatherIron: Screwtape Letters is awesome and would be GREAT for the book club in my opinion. I also like that choice because I have the book and won't have to buy it! hehe! But really, it's great. I honestly think a great deal of the difficulty we sometimes have with Lewis is more related to British cultural coupled with the fact that we're woefully (as a general rule) ignorant (speaking for myself here) of so many of historical references. All in all, he's not difficult to read, just sometimes more challenging to understand. Alot like the Bible as I think about it. hmmm... And thanks MOST of all for your prayers and for sharing my struggles with your friend so she can pray!

Angie: Thanks for your wisdom! You are exactly right. I needed to hear your words. Love you!!!! Please come back here soon!

much love to both of you!

Angie said...

I'd be on board for Screwtape, so let me know if you gals end up clubbing it. I have it on CD (I love to hear it read with a British accent!). I'd love to examine it more deeply rather than allow it to dance in my mind during a road trip (though it did pass the time!)