Friday, January 13, 2006

Update on #1 wailing and gnashing of teeth phase is over for the time being. He and I had a good talk on our 30 min. drive to the junior college and back to get him enrolled. I'm not ready to detail any of it. May never detail it. Suffice it to say that this period of time is critical to his future and I'm aware of it. I've got to set some boundaries and stick with them for his sake.

I've processed through what I believe to have been my downfall in all of this. In many ways he's been a victim of my circumstances and basically I feel I've believed he had qualities or the ability to gain qualities that he never had or had any hope of gaining without more structure than I provided. And yet, I look back and see all that's transpired in the past 5 years and can't imagine how a great deal of it could have played out any differently. we are...and from here we will continue and move forward. By the grace of God, as always.


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