Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Nothing in Particular

I'm very thankful to Jim for helping me with think through some things regarding speaking my beliefs and communicating in a Christ-like spirit of love. In some ways, it's easy for me because I don't consider myself an "expert" on much of anything. I'm just a regular person who's been through some pretty irregular experiences and relied on God to see me through. Still do, for that matter.

I surf around and read all sorts of bloggers, many of them Christian, who write about theological issues like cessation, Calvinism, and reformed vs. charistmatic theology. One thought keeps occurring to me; Where do they find the time? :)
Well, that and HOW can Christians be so ugly to one another?

In other news: Tdub is seriously considering starting his own blog. It won't be an "ex-gay" blog per se. Although I imagine he might at times hit on some of that sort of thing. He just needs an outlet for writing his thoughts and of course I'm very much encouraging him to DO IT! I'll let you know right away if he does....I'll have my first "blog baby"!

Our weekends have taken a sharp turn for the "worse" in the way of TOO MANY GAMES. The new basketball season is well under way. #2 plays on the freshman team at high school while #3 and #4 each play on two teams. (one regular league and one prime league) Most Saturdays involve at least 5 games for us, starting early and ending late. This Saturday we have games at 11:00, 12:00, 3:00(2), and 6:00. The good news is...we get to sleep in...woo hoo! Last Saturday we started at 8:30a.m. and didn't finish until 7:30p.m. (and in a town 30 miles from here). Good times. But I'll not complain. They're fun to watch and I know we are blessed to have healthy and happy children who are active and excited about participating. I've learned my lesson with #1. They DO grow up eventually. (at least I'm pretty sure they do!) hehe!


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Jim said...

Where do I find the time? Honestly, right now I can only find the time at work. My wife and I just bought a new home, and we haven't had the money to transfer our DSL service over yet (we're still paying the last month of service for our apartment and utilities there), so the only opportunity I have to write is while I'm here at work. And for having time, I usually have to make some time, so when I need a moment's break from crunching numbers, I take a few minutes to hammer out a few paragraphs.

I'm delighted that my writing and my thoughts have proven helpful to you! Mostly, I just have a passion to write and I enjoy taking philosophy and theology and making it practical to everyday living. Guess that's why I'm an analyst. :)

As to how Christians can be so ugly to one another, that is truly a mystery. Any Christian who is walking the walk should not behave in such inappropriate ways. I consider it a symptom of the Christian condition in the American culture.

Oh, and one note... you'll notice that the URL for your blog has no 'www' at the beginning. I noticed that you include out of habit every time you leave a comment, but it actually doesn't take a person to your site when you click on the comment link. Just thought you might like to know. :)

grace said...

Hi Jim!
You and I are in totally opposite blog dimensions....you can't blog unless you are at WORK and I can't blog until I get HOME. Our school server blocks us from anything remotely resembling a blog...which is fine.....I don't need that sort of distraction when I have 30+ kids in the room.

Thanks for the tip about the URL. I'm such a goober sometimes. Oh well. :)


Robert said...

Happy New Year Grace!

Blogs are such an unusual thing. Anyone can pop on in and join in the conversation, regardless of who they are and their personal beliefs. You are getting a number of different people posting here, including those like myself who are outside of the Christian world (but who enjoys discussing religion and philosophy with others).

Rather than focusing on not offending someone, I think that you should keep on focusing on engaging people. I think that you and TDub will be very effective in your ministry if you continue to do so. Being offended is usually a two-way street, and often the person who claims offense has issues and perceptions that you cannot control regardless of how you present an issue.

Hope 2006 is prosperous for you and your family!

grace said...

Thanks so much Robert, I agree and appreciate you sharing your perspective. Good to hear from you again...I was wondering what had happened to you!