Saturday, January 14, 2006


We saw "Glory Road" tonight. We all loved it and as usual after seeing a fact-based movie I had to come home and read everything I could find on the internet about the real live people. It was quite a bit like "Remember the Titans" which is one of my all-time favorite movies. I still like RtT better as an under-dog, pulling together, overcoming obstacles type story. And the music is better in RtT.

Tdub and I are both just blown away at the henious racism that has existed in our lifetime. We talked afterwards about how neither of us have any comprehension of that sort of ignorance and hatred. It's just completely stupid to the point of bizarre to us. I even caught myself gasping at some of the statements that were made in the film and yet that's the culture we were raised in.

It's been all basketball, all day here. Six games amongst 3 boys and then a basketball movie. I need a good long beauty day at a nice spa somewhere. Like that's gonnna happen!

OH...get's a pretty good indication of the fact that I have #1's attention on "getting your act together" this semester. With no prompting from me whatsoever, on our car ride to the junior college yesterday, he gets on his cel phone and calls to make an appointment to get his hair cut! I've got to stay on top of this situation.


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Emery said...

I struggled through Tommy Boy tonight (I hate stupid comedy), so I'm jealous that you got to watch a good movie.

Also, it's great to know that the hair is getting a trimming, at least. haha!

grace said...

At LEAST! A botched semester at Pepperdine in return for a cut makes this the most expensive haircut in had better be more than a trimming! :)

Sorry to hear about your bad movie experience....maybe you'll think twice about spending a Saturday here with least WE saw a good movie at the end of the chaos! ha!