Thursday, January 05, 2006


There's this lady who keeps ranting on over at Ben's site.(it's the 7th commenter in his current post about lust) She's just nuts. Her preacher dad has convinced her that only 144,000 people are going to make it to heaven and that she has to be a virgin to be one of them. Furthermore, it's part of her "duty" in the kingdom to go around calling out other sinners and basically provoking the whole world even though from what I can tell it sounds like we're all damned to hell in the first place. I don't get that.

What do you do with people like that?


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Jim said...

Honestly, there isn't much you can do about it, short of pointing out from Scripture the errors in their theology. But if people aren't willing to listen, there is no hope of correction and instruction. I've never understood this kind of hellfire-and-damnation approach to 'witnessing', since it does nothing but make people angry. And most of these people are wrong in their doctrine to begin with, which makes it all the worse.

Inheritor of Heaven said...

At a certain point, after trying to do as Jim says above, perhaps we must just agree to disagree and of course pray for the truth (both for ourselves and for those who disagree with us). Your quote from James 4:6 is appropriate in some sense "God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble." Also remember that His Word will not return void so even though they do not receive correction immediately, at least some seeds of truth have been sown.

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

I never understood these people. I mean, really, if I thought there would only be 144,000 of us I wouldn't be telling anyone else about so I could be sure and secure my spot. =)

grace said...

Thanks for commenting guys! I just struggle so much between knowing when to speak out and when to remain silent. I often fear that I remain silent more than I should just because I tend to avoid conflict. But really, with certain people...there's just not alot you can do. I guess what I hate the most is reading the sorts of things she has to say to my friend and knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt how wrong she is. I know that Ben's a big boy and can certainly handle her onslaught...but some can't. Thanks for helping me gain some clarity on where to "put" that sort of thing.


ReasonAble said...

They are called Jehovah's Witnesses, and you pretty much have to deal with them like anyone else trapped in error. It's truly a cult, they just use terminology similar to Christians. There is usually enough truth left in their own version of the Bible (New World Translation) with which to show them the Good News of Christ. It just takes time, patience, and the Holy Spirit. Come to think of it, what doesn't!

Whenever in doubt, ask the person who they say Christ is. The answer will usually give you a starting point and indication as to whether you are both on the same track.


grace said...

Oh...and Jenny, I meant to say...your comment is so funny to me, coming from you and our common "denomination" since we come from a tradition that for many years acted like they had the only available spots! :) Not saying we've got it all figured out as of yet...but hey...surely we're past THAT element of our tradition. Thanks again for visiting and commenting!

grace said...

Thanks for the tip. That's a good one. As far as this particular fanatic goes...I'm not even going to "engage" her by asking anything. I'm such a chicken. I don't want her coming over here to my place and ranting on me like she does Ben! It's just so pointless. :)

Anonymous said...

I hear calling people nuts helps... Jesus said that a few times himself... right?

When it comes down to it her crazy beliefs aren't that far from your own - the nuts just don't agree on this one

grace said...

i don't recall Jesus specifically using that tactic but maybe you've found a verse i've missed. i don't find much similarity at all between my beliefs and the fanatic lady, even if you think we both have crazy beliefs...which you are perfectly entitled to think and say. your opinion of my beliefs probably matters to me about as much as my opinion of hers matters to her....which is why i've never bothered to take the time to comment on her blog.
but thanks for commenting on mine.

grantdale said...

Well Grace -- since you asked...

Obviously what you have to do is "respect her religious beliefs". I thought that was a popular cry at the moment among Christians :)

(Good to see you over at XGW too!)

grace said...

Hi Grantdale! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. You know, I hadn't read XGW much at all until I'd found that link to my site...which I thought was nice. And then....honestly...I was like, if they LIKE me over there is there something I'm not doing correctly??? hahaha! I hope you can take that in the spirit I mean it.

Anyway, you are right about respecting her beliefs...which is why I haven't bothered to comment to her and really hope to avoid her visiting or commenting to my site. ;)

It really is easier (for me, at least) to respect some beliefs than others...which is part of the problem we ALL tend to find ourselves in it seems so much of the time.

Thanks again for commenting!


grantdale said...

No probs Grace.

Personally we don't have an issue with anyone's beliefs. People ring bells. Wear saffron. Cover their hair. Face somewhere and pray five times a day. Don't eat pork or shrimp. Refrain from meat. And some abstain from sex, by various reasoning.

It's when things move from being a code that the person follows to a campaign against others who do not/will not do likewise that we do have an issue.

We don't mind if someone believes that a volcano is an angry god (many Pacific Islands). Or that the sun god will not rise the next day unless given a gift (Mayan Mexico).

We do have a problem -- BIG problem -- with throwing virgins into volcanos or removing a prisoner's heart :)

Within "our" own J-C tradition, the nearest comparison to those sorts of behaviours is the scape goat.
Grossly extended, it's how people later got burned at the stake.