Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday Lesson

Our lesson/sermon today was short and sweet. He talked about the prodigal son a little bit but in a different line of thinking than we usually go with it. He didn't really focus on the story at all but rather what had to have preceded the story. The son's heart left home long before he did. And this is true of all of us. We don't just up and decide one day, "hey, i think i'll go out and totally ruin my life." Our heart has probably not been in it for some time at the point at which we do drastic things. We "check out" so to speak. And so, the question is, in regards to making big changes or doing things differently, "where is my heart?" It could be that changing and doing things differently is exactly what God is calling me to do. Or, if my heart is not focused on Him, it could be that I'm being selfish and following my own desires. It always comes back to this. Where is my focus? What are my motives? Who is controlling my heart?


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