Friday, January 20, 2006


Son #1 got his hair cut!!!!!! I think I may actually be able to tolerate him again. I've been in a real funk over him all week. Even though I'm convinced that this will be a productive and necessary sort of growing up time for just stinks to me that he's HERE. Last night he and a buddy were in the kitchen making some sort of contraption to shoot a rubber ball across the room by completely destroying an old advil container, an ink pen, and a butane lighter. These are the sorts of things he should be doing in a boys' dorm so that we don't have to witness it or ever know it happened. *sigh* He did start classes this week. Came home the first day complaining that it reminded him of high school. The term "biting my tongue" does not convey a tenth of the fortitude it took me not to jump right in the middle of that complaint. I just politely said, "well good" and walked away. Sometimes that's the best thing to least I think it is. Who knows at this point. Don't get me wrong....I'm doing a fine job, actually, of being supportive and pleasant with him. He doesn't avoid me or anything, which he would, if I expressed my every thought to him. He knows he screwed up, I don't feel like I have to remind him of it at every opportunity and it's not as if I've never made mistakes. I'm learning that this scenario happens quite frequently with kids his age. It's happened to many people I know but they've just not talked about it. I guess the most difficult thing for me is finding the balance between limits and freedom for him. At this point, the rules are, the weekends are yours, the week days are mine. Gotta be in this house (or at his dad's) by at LEAST midnight every night. This is a very challenging time for me parentally.


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em said...

You'll do fine, I'm sure! ;-) As I love to repeat, "Freedom is only found in the boundaries of God's care"

In the same way, your boundaries for Him are good and freedom-bringing. Hang in there! He will thank you in the long-run!

grace said...

Thanks Emery! I need every bit of encouragement I can get. I love that goes perfectly with a post that's brewing in my head. Off to a day of BASKETBALL!