Saturday, January 28, 2006

Movie Review

Chad Thompson went to see "Brokeback Mountain".

My favorite part is not about the movie at all but where he talks about us believing that God is who He says He is. I'll never forget one of my dearest (still) friends talking to me not long after the bottom fell out for me in my marriage. She was speaking out of complete love for me and a desire to shield me from any further possible pain when she said...."People don't ever really change." My response, even then, was, "Then what's God for?" It seems to me that none of us can come into personal relationship with the creator of the universe and remain unchanged. What sort of God would He be if that were the case? I believe the change is as individual as we are....but change occurs nonetheless. I'm still certain I don't need to see this movie at this point. I've read many reviews of it but this one sounds closest to what I imagine I'd come away with if I did see it.


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Chad Thompson said...

Hi Grace,

Thanks for posting on my blog. I've enjoyed reading yours as well!

Chad Thompson