Monday, January 02, 2006

Back To School

Some genius decided that our school should start back from Christmas vacation TODAY! Which means I am completely wiped out and wondering how I ever manage to hold down a job and take care of the family as well as I do. And they don't even require all that much "care" anymore. As long as I throw a few decent meals their way at least 3 nights a week, run everyone to and from their appointed practices, and make sure the latest knee, arm or ankle injury is not a serious one....they pretty much care for themselves. Well, with repeated directions sometimes escalating into yells they do.

Sons #2 and #3 made it back safely from Florida on New Year's Eve night. Things seem to have gone really well there and yet they are happy and content to be back home with us. Answered prayers all the way around on that deal. #4 was so happy to see them that he even made the trip (one-hour of tdub driving time) to the airport with us to pick them up. #1 got bored enough today that he and another buddy acutally picked them up from school this afternoon and took them to play football for a while.

Tdub had the day OFF! Which made our going in even worse! I'm still ticked about it. :) Oh well. He did manage to clean up this super humongous pile of....of....well...just his JUNK which is mostly mail and receipts and stuff that we'll never need but that he thinks he needs to save for some stupid reason. But he cleaned it! The kitchen counter space practically doubled on that wall.

This is a pretty lame post, huh? But I'm tired.

OH...I found this #2's junior high school today...he went from class to class watching the Cotton Bowl. Seems they have just too many Red Raiders at that school to let the day interfere wtih what SHOULD have been our holiday. I love that. I know they've got just as many Longhorns over there...can't wait to see how they deal with Wednesday's Rose Bowl. (or is that one at night? i'm such a football fanatic) ;)


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Randy said...

I am so sorry you had to go back in! That just ain't right.

tdub said...

I'd just like to say:

i also cleaned the porch today (albeit in & among napping, catching a movie, and napping).

and did a little laundry.

and ran the kid #3 to and from practice. (sheesh, ya make it sound like ya do it alone!!! LOL it's bad enough that i'm afflicted as i am without your little blog-fam thinkin' i'm worthless on th'homefront as well! haha)

oh and i also enjoyed the delightful dinner you cooked for us, bless your heart. (i mean that...i know you were so tired.)

and the game is at 7 CST wed. nite. no idea how/where we're gonna' watch that game...but we have to after class!
look at it this way though: more uninterrupted computer, er blogging, er, surfing, er britney-watching or whatever it is you call it time. :D

you're awesome....

grace said...

Randy: Thank you for your unconditional message of sympathy. ;)

Tdub: Hmmm...I'm gonna let ALL that go...because...well...because I'm such a patient wife...and mostly because I can get back at you "mr. medium ash blond" any time I choose. hehe! However, I must call you out for the "afflicted" and "worthless" statement...not gonna accept that sort of talk here! ;) You obviously need some more good chats with our friend "joe" who, by the way, wants to be called "sebastion".
love ya!

(you too, Randy!)


Inheritor of Heaven said...

I am a teacher and get to go in today (3rd). I also don't get the football/movie/party stuff either. I had my students thinking it was better to have a test (right before Christmas break) than to have homework (that was the only two choices they had!)