Saturday, September 10, 2005


I wonderful little thing has occured this morning. My husband and the youngest are out all by themselves taking a run and then going to breakfast. This is a good thing. A very good thing. I'm thanking God for sending this little serendipitous moment our way.

The "blending" of the family (hate that term but that's another entry) happens like this. The two boys on the ends are from my first marriage. 18yr.old and 11yr.old The two boys in the middle are from his first marriage 14yr.old and 12yr.old. The mother of the middle two split way back when and is rarely heard from and never seen. The father of my two is here in town.

The rockiest of all the relationship transitions in the "blending" of this family has occured between the youngest and my husband. Mostly, as we all recognize, because they are so much alike.

As it turns out, the middle two were each invited to spend the night with friends last night. And I was shocked and amazed when #4 didn't immediately start making calls to find someone to come over. But he didn't. He actually called (while i napped yesterday afternoon) my husband at work and made plans for the three of us to go out to eat together last night. And he absolutley relished in the time we had together, getting to be the only child telling stories, asking questions, and making comments. He ate it up. And so did we. This morning they are out having some one-on-one time together. And I am here alone in the house for a bit (yipee!!!) praising God for His constant and abiding faithfulness which is so evident to me in something as simple as all this.


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