Monday, September 12, 2005


It has been one of THOSE days, let me tell you. I spent the better part of the day scrambling and then worried literally SICK over the fact that I could find NONE of my documents (representing gazillions of hours of time) on the server where they are always stored on our school network. I left having still not found them. Fortunately, a technician had my cell phone number because I broke down and CRIED over the phone with the help desk operator. I was pathetic. You'd have thought one of the boys was gushing blood and we were miles from help.

Anyway, the guy called and assured me that he was LOOKING at all my folders and files and even began calling them off to me, opening individual folders and telling me what was there. *whew* I have no idea why my computer failed to access all of that for the ENTIRE day know matter how many times I shut down and restarted! (oh well)

So....I'm a bit frazzled this afternoon. There's actually more but I'm too frazzled to decompress all of it here. Maybe later.



Michael said...

I had a similar experience once. I thought I had lost several news articles that were very, very important to my company, and in particular, my boss. We were trying to win a PR award and without those stories we were up the creek and I would have been in a LOT of trouble. Turns out I found them... Not fun at all, though. Glad to hear everything turned out OK for you.

Thanks for being my loyal reader!

grace said...'s still not completely okay because even today (TUE.) i still haven't seen them...but supposedly they ARE i love them and how i hate them!