Thursday, September 01, 2005

Real LOVE brings TRUST

If you've read much of what I've written the words LOVE and TRUST seem to emerge frequently. No matter what I'm writing about. I'm seeing/sensing a pattern here....

particularly concerning the GAY/ex-gay/SSA/NOT gay/ contingent....

I do believe the burden of change as far as behavior toward the "other" side goes, lies squarely in the lap of CHRISTIANS who maintain that sex with people of the same gender is a sin (which is what I believe) And yet....

I'm saying WE need to change at this point more than THEY do. That's hard teaching.

Mind you now....I'm not saying THEY don't need to change or woudn't eternally benefit from change. But I'm saying the SAME THING to us at the same time. WE need to change first and we will eternally benefit from this change.

The burden is on US to change how we relate to them.
Basically, to actually take on the spirit of the ONE who saved us from our OWN brokenness and LOVE them with HIS love. Unconditionally. Whether they agree with us or not.

I think WE are afraid to change and love because we don't TRUST God enough to take care of the outcomes. We are SO AFRAID that it might turn out that it's "okay to be gay" or some thing like that. WE don't trust our own GOD enough to love others in the way that Christ loved...uninhibited...full on....LOVE. With no guarantee or even a promise of the love being returned. Why is that so foreign to us as Christians when it was ALL that Jesus was ever about??

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