Thursday, September 15, 2005

Overheard Today

Three 6th grade boys were talking as they worked on their art in my class today.

Boy#1: Wouldn't it be awesome if we were just born knowing everything?

Boy#2: Really.

Boy#3: No, it wouldn't.

Boy#1: Why not?

Boy#3: 'Cause that would just be gay.

I really just hate how they use that word. OH well.

I did overhear something else later in the day. Two 4th grade boys this time. Not the most talented artistically and this is totally judgemental on my part but they both look and act like they probably go home and watch a few rounds of pro-wrestling every night with their dads. Sorry, they just do. ANYWAY, they were just painting and cutting and gluing and working so well, and one looks at the other and says "I think I'm really startin' to love art."

That made my day.



Rex said...

That entry is gay...

Well, come on. The word "gay" is making full circle now, from happy to homosexual to stupid. Soon, it would mean happy again.

grace said...

Gee thanks, Rex! :)

Maybe you're right, but I kinda doubt it. :) Eventually though, some other word will replace it as the "hot" word of the day.

Rex said...

Think about it, how many people in late 18th century countryside England sighing to themselves, "What a gay morning" expected for that to mean, pretty much, "What a stupid morning"?