Tuesday, September 13, 2005

California Update

Things seem to be going well for son #1 out in California. I feel like I actually communicate more often and more meaningfully with him now than I ever did before. Funny how that works.

All the little guys now have MSN chat IDs and get on in the evening and talk with him a little. He's been really good so far to take the time for them.

He got me a bit worried last week because my husband and I had both chatted with him online and he was a little down....said that he really liked it out there but he just misses his friends alot and hates being too far away to be able to see them for such long stretches of time. He said he didn't feel like he was making friends there like the ones he left. Of course we both consoled him and told him it was normal and reminded him of how it takes time and experiences to build those sorts of friendships....that it would come. My husband told him that from what he'd observed he knew that people are drawn to him because of his caring heart and accepting attitude. And so, our conversation ended that day with me a bit worried about him.

Then, two days later, he calls me up and says "Mom, I'm thinking about doing the overseas program next year, what do you think about that?"

Go figure.



Robert said...


Yes, he is still a teenager!

grace said...

Exactly! :) Thanks for stopping by, Robert!