Thursday, November 22, 2007


I'm thankful today for Sparky's near complete recovery.

I'm thankful for blog readers who are gracious enough to pray for a dog.

I'm thankful for four healthy sons. I much prefer the sorts of trials and tribulations they offer as healthy teens than what I'd be experiencing if one of them were fatally or chronically ill.

I'm thankful for my parents. I agree with them most of the time (not all), and they've taught me to be willfully graceful.

I'm thankful for the trials and tribulations of life that have drawn me closer to and made me more reliant on God.

Most of all, I'm thankful for the Holy Spirit, who lives and works in the here and now, through all sorts of people in all walks of life, and who comforts me continuously through those folks.

love and grace,

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Bill said...

I am thankful for dear sisters like you who willingly remain full of grace while walking through times of testing.

May God's Spirit continue to strengthen you and yours.

Glad Sparky's doing better!


Jarred said...

I'm thankful for people like you who have joined the rest of us crazy people here in the blogosphere. ;)

Brady said...

A little late, but glad to hear Sparky is getting back to normal.

GrantJM said...

Grace- I was led to you by a fan of your blog. It's refreshing how you take time to talk about those of us who struggle to find our place in this world after living so long closeted and in shame. I am one who after 29 years of marriage is just waking up and it is both a nightmare as well as some kind of dream finding myself. Thanks for not candy coating your words, but just talking from your soul. It's what we all need - it's where we hear and are heard by God best I believe.