Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hallween PIcture Fun

Some of us had fun. This picture is not convincing that Sparky was among the fun-havers. In fact, this looks like the perfect picture for Kurt to caption for us. I've invited Kurt to co-blog with me, BTW. I'm anxiously awaiting his rep
ly and I've promised to put up a picture of his cat.

Here's Emma within 2 minutes of putting on her Egyptian collar. Notice the beadwork is mostly gone. It was completely decimated within 30 minutes. I'm still finding bits of it strewn about the house and yard. I did manage to keep her away from Sparky's collar but don't think for a minute she didn't try and make mincemeat of his as well.

As promised to my class of 4th graders, I turned my front porch into an Egyptian tomb, complete with sarcophagus and my own personal mummy. The mummy took a 20 minute break to watch Nickelodeon during one of the busiest times. Geez. But, since he's family, I decided not to short him on his payment of pixy sticks. The word nepotism does sound a bit Egyptian,doesn't it?

I'll close with a few more pics including one of a very resigned Sparky. He's such the golden boy when it comes to dogs.

I'll get back to more thoughtful posting next week. I've still got a ton of stuff rambling around in my head to think and write about, but after all the work I went to in pulling off this Egyptian Halloween, I wasn't about to let it go unblogged!

love and grace,

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Robert said...

Sparky looks very regal in the top picture -- and by the look in his eyes he knows it. Of course, Emma just thinks she's pretty with her sparkly Egyptian collar.

It all goes to show that you can never go wrong with mummies for Halloween.

kurt_t said...

I think my little angel is still in sugar withdrawl. He's asleep. He's usually up and engaging in elaborate avoidance behaviors by now.

Jarred said...

Those are some great pictures!