Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Still Recuperating

Sparky is improved, but not fully. He is choosing to use the paper in the house instead of going outside. On a typical evening, I spoil him by allowing him to go in and out as much as he wishes. This usually amounts to about 17 million trips to the back door for me. He's gone out once this entire evening and has spent most of his time in his "me" space which I discovered once during a frantic search for him thinking he was lost. He retreats to the back of my little closet, under the hanging clothes, a few times a week. I think these are the days when dealing with Emma's high spirits have completely drained him of all emotional resource. Sparky is definitely an introvert, like me. Emma, on the other hand, is frisky and ready for a constant frolic this evening, having spent the entire day with a wounded co-hort. She is currently yelping at me in a high-pitched sort of girly dog scream because she's got more playin' do to before this day comes to a close. I may join Sparky in the "me" space before the night is over.

I do appreciate all your well wishes and prayers. Tomorrow is our last day before our Thanksgiving break, so I will be able to take him in to the vet if he is still mopey on Friday. I'll keep ya posted!

love and grace,

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Jarred said...

I'm glad to hear Sparky is improving and I hope the trend continues.

And I have to ask. Am I the only one struggling not to make some comment about Sparky being in the closet? I know, I'm horrible. I'm just hoping I'm not the only one. ;)

grace said...


LOL! Believe me, if I'd have thought of it I'd have mentioned it. How funny! Of course, anyone who's been reading for very long knows that sexuality is a moot point for both Sparky and Emma. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace- As a vet, I guess I'm having a hard time working out why you haven't taken Sparky to get checked out? You know, even though your friend says he doesn't need stitches, nurses don't go to vet school;-) Often when a large dog picks up a small dog and bites it, there are only small skin wounds, but signiifcant internal injuries, including ruptured or leaking bowels, etc. These things are much earlier to deal with when caught early. If it was your kid (or even the poor kids up the street), you wouldn't ignore it if they were moping around after being attacked by a German shepherd, right?

Anyway, that's my professional opinion: better to spend a few bucks to be safe than wonder next week if there was anything you could of done. Good luck, Sparky!

grace said...

Dear Vet,
He does have an appt. in the morning. But thanks anyway for the guilt trip! ;)

He's been better each day, but I'd sort of gone through the process you're talking about, comparing him to my own child, and made the appt. for Saturday. His vet is an hour's drive away in my hometown, so tomorrow was the best day for me, even though if he WERE an actual child and could tell me exactly how he's really feeling, I might have taken him sooner to a vet here.

Feel free to continue to pray for him if you have the time.
love and grace,

grace said... the vet...I'm sorry, but the way you phrased that comment "i'm having a hard time working out" just makes me feel defensive.

I'm having a hard time working out how you could read this blog and not understand that there are many extenuating circumstances here....not the least of which is that I am now making 1/3 less money than I did when I was a teacher in Texas. Sparky's symptoms are not really that bad and he has improved each day. He is shell-shocked, to be sure....but I still haven't been able to work out a deal where I can spend at least $50 to find out that he's fine when I am trying to take care of my own children as well as 3 underprivileged ones for Christmas in about one month.

My parents will gladly pay the vet they have paid them all for me since my move....but...I'm being careful not to expect them to pay for things that really aren't necessary.

If you have the time and resources, I'd love for you to come here and take a look at him yourself. ;)

I usually don't get so defensive about things...but you seem to have hit a nerve here. I do hope you comment more often...because I would love to hear your expertise since I am such a dog and particularly dachshund lover!

love and grace,

kurt_t said...

Oh, don't sweat it, Pam. We've all been through those tough calls where you don't know if you want to take the animal in or not. I had an old tom cat in Chicago who was the biggest brawler in the neighborhood. He was always dragging himself in in the morning with a look that seemed to say "You should see the other guy!"

(I feel I should add that I am now a responsible pet owner who does not the cats outside.)

Mark and Patrick said...

Pam, very glad Sparky is doing better. It's been a few days since I have been able to read your blog.
Hope he comes around soon!

grace said...

Thanks Mark! Good to hear from you!