Monday, November 12, 2007

Making Headway

Last Thursday's dinner was great. Both teenagers were here,(Senior Boy and Sophomore Girl) along with their art teacher and my friend, the veteran art teacher. I feel like I made some major headway in building trust with the teenagers so that they'll feel comfortable here in my home. My ultimate goal is to get them living in a clean place of their own that has a washer and dryer. The interim goal is for them to feel comfortable coming down to my house for dinner occasionally and to do their laundry. They are GOOD kids. My veteran art teacher friend is such a great resource for the kids as well as the first-year art teacher. Both teachers are going to continue to provide mentoring and resources for Senior Boy so that he can get into a good college art program next year.

Thanks for the prayers! I've got more to write but no time at the moment.

love and grace,

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Jarred said...

I'm glad to hear that dinner went so well. And progress is always good. One step at a time, right?

grace said...

That's exactly right Jarred! Thanks for your good thoughts (which you know i consider to be prayers ;)

Jarred said...

You're very welcome, Pam.