Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pray for Sparky

I feel sort of stupid asking this. I know there are children dying and hungry in third world countries. Sparky was attacked last night by a German shepherd. He has one gash about the size of the dime and another about half that size. My neighbor is a nurse and she looked at it and said he doesn't need stitches or anything, but you wouldn't believe the way he's moping around and refuses to go back outside. He's just not Sparky. He's been such a great friend to me and seen me through such a difficult time. I wish I could take him to school with me today, but that's not possible.

I'll post pictures later this afternoon, and I hope I come home to a much improved dog.

love and grace,

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Bill said...

May God be with Sparky and Pam.

Hope your day does go well!


Jarred said...

Why shouldn't God care about his furry children as much as his mostly hairless ones? That's my take on things.

My thoughts are with you both. I hope the poor guy recovers quickly.

Ally said...

My thought is that if it matters to you, it matters to God. I'll definitely pray, Pam!

kurt_t said...

When my son first saw Sparky's picture, he pointed to Sparky's tail and said "Who dat dog?" And I said "That's Sparky."

And then he pointed to Sparky's head and said "Who dat dog?" And I said "I just told you that's Sparky."

And he pointed to his tail again and said "Who dat dog?"

And I said "Nick, that's all the same dog. There's just a lot of dog between the head and the tail."

We'll light a candle for Sparky, and I know he'll be OK because he bears a remarkable resemblance to San Francisco's lone surviving Doggie Diner mascot, which has survived much adversity over the years.

Robert said...

Pam, I will send my prayers out. I would take Sparky to the vet if he does not get out of his funk just to be sure that he did not suffer any internal injuries.
Big hugs your way (and a scritch for Emma and Sparky!)

Norm! said...

Oh no! I pretty sure I would mope around and stay inside too if a German shepherd attacked me. Thankfully, I think animals have a better ability to forget.

I don't know why, but Sparky's trauma reminds of the time I accidentally "dried" my cat in the clothes dryer. It was awful (well, awfully funny much later when we were sure she was fine). She never did lay in the dryer, but she continued to tempt fate by continuing to sleep on the top of they dryer.