Sunday, November 04, 2007



Actually, I'm introducing my new co-blogger, Kurt "big daddy" True. I could tell you all the factual information I know about Kurt in about 5 sentences. Instead, I'll tell you the things that I think are most important as to why I invited him to co-blog with me at Willful Grace. Kurt has been commenting off and on since the beginning of my blogging days. He ranks in the top five of commenters to my blog who have demonstrated "willful grace" to me during the course of my blog journey. (kudos as well to a few other quite regular and full of grace gay male commenters: Robert, Norm!, Brady, and Peterson) I've talked about willing myself to extend grace to others, and I believe that during times when these guys have strongly disagreed with some things I had to say, they willed themselves to extend the sort of grace toward me that I strive to extend to others. The point of extending grace being that none of us come within light years of comprehending the grace God extends to us through the gift of his son.

Kurt has made me laugh out loud with his comments on more than one occasion. He has a child-like quality to his outlook that I find refreshing and often profound. He is gay, and he and his partner have recently adopted a 4-year-old son.

I didn't ask Kurt to co-blog here because I'm trying to convince people to accept anything, vote for anything, or even deem anything good, right, and holy. In fact, if you are bound and determined that Kurt represents everything that's wrong with our world today, his writing may be the perfect place for you to practice some willful grace of your own.

love and grace,

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Jarred said...

Hopefully, this will also serve to generate even more interesting dialogue between the two of you. And the rest of us, of course! ;)

kurt_t said...

I vow that I shall always use my blog powers for good and not for evil.

Brady said...

Aww, thanks for the kudos, Pam!

Greg said...

I love that "practicing willful grace". Sometimes I find that people that know they are right have the least grace....sadly.