Wednesday, February 15, 2006

On the Road to Manhood....A #4 Story

Never one to disappoint, #4 has provided me with yet another story to blog about.

He ended up spending the night last night with his dad. I noticed this morning when he got in the car that he had a Wal-mart bag with some stuff in it. I didn't think twice about it. He stuck it in the backseat and it stayed there all day. As we got into the car after school today he pulled this bag up to the front seat and said, "Look what I got Mom." (remember, he's 11) He starts pulling, one after the other, these short black spray cans with different colored writing on them out of the bag. I quickly discern that these are cans of Axe brand body spray for men. We've bought him this before but only ONE can at a time. He places them all in his lap then starts picking them up to show me, one by one, and reading the names of the
different scents, in sort of radio/advertising type voice.
(that last one really said Essence but he was on a roll and I didn't have the heart to correct him) He had 6 in all and went through each one. Here's how our conversation went after that.

ME: that's what you bought with the money your dad gave you
for Valentines?

#4: Yeah...aren't they cool? I really like these cans. Now I've got them all.

ME: Are you sure there wasn't anything else there you wanted?

#4: Well, they didn't have the game I was looking for and I wanted to spend my
money because I usually always save it, so I decided to get these.
I've always wanted to have all of them.

ME: Well....good.

#4: Yeah...these will probably last me for like 10 months...maybe longer!

And so....if the wind's blowing your way from the direction of central Texas and you catch a whiff of something that could only be described as Phoenix, Touch, Voodoo, or the Essence of's just #4.


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em said...

I'm actually not sure which name disturbs me more, "Essence" or "Espanol". hahaha! That is hilarious, though!!! haha!

grace said...

Hey Em! It really was a funny moment. I can always count on you to make a comment about a good #4 story! :)

Christine said...

That's wonderful, Grace! :) I was just in Texas myself but didn't smell anything like that...

grace said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I hope you didn't have to endure any of the other more nefarious odors that tend to waft around in the Texas air depending on your location and the wind direction! We live about a mile from the high school Ag barn/pig/cow lot and when the wind's just right in the spring...woo!