Saturday, February 18, 2006

Being Transparent

It's sad really, that it's easier to be open and honest about our struggles with the WORLD WIDE WEB than it is with our own brothers and sisters in Christ in our local body.

Is this our problem, theirs, or a combination of the two? I suspect it's the combo deal. I believe that God is calling us to take risks and be transparent with those around us. If we don't share our struggles, then we deny God's soveriegnty over our situation. And yet, it's more difficult to share when you fear that many within the body won't respond to you with true Christ-like love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

One stupid way that some in our particular body could show a lack of forgiveness would be to limit or deny our ability to teach and minister in our youth group. Even though, our particular struggles may very well make us more capable of understanding and ministering to young people. And, as I think about the folks I fear might be less forgiving, they are not the ones who've been willing to committ the time, effort, and energy required to make a significant impact with our youth. And these are by NO MEANS the majority. But a vocal minority can cause a great deal of strife.

I apologize if this all sounds cryptic and rambling. In this instance, this post really is all about me just getting my thoughts out whether it makes any sense to anyone else or not.


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