Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Change, cont...

OK...so, where was I?

I'm changing schools next year and moving to a 6th, 7th, 8th grade middle school. I'm blessed to have the of option of picking up and moving just because I feel like it. With the redistribution there are openings, AND, because I've been teaching in my district for 17 years, I'm known to be a reliable, hard-working, and kid-friendly individual. Those are three pretty key elements needed to teach just about anything. The worst teachers I've ever met usually know their subject well, they just can't stand kids. I have no idea why anyone would get into the business of teaching if they didn't enjoy children. Granted, I get exasperated by them several times each day. But, I can't recall going through even one day in 17 years that at least one student didn't say or do something that either made me chuckle inside or laugh right out loud. I do enjoy young people and get much pleasure from being around them.

I talked about the move being good for the family yesterday because of the two younger guys both moving into that level. This is the primary motivation for my move, but, the truth is, if I were extremely happy with the current management at my school I'd be much less inclined to make the move. As Emery commented on yesterday's post, I do think this change will feel like a "vacation" for me. I won't find out what my new assignment is until sometime late this month. It will probably be something like 6th grade language arts or (if I could be SO fortunate) social studies. The social studies jobs at that level are the most sought after, so, chances are the reigning 6th grade teachers will be given first crack at those. We'll see.

Right now I'm exhausted. All three of our basketball players had games tonight and all three won. (oh goodie, more games until they finally lose one) It's the end of the season and I'm worn completely down by basketball games. Tdub comes away with all these stats like how many steals, assists, points, turnovers, fouls, etc...and I leave hoping I can stay awake during the usually short drive home, assuming I can remember where I parked my car this time in the lot. We usually have to attend in separate cars because there's always at least one set of games that overlaps a little. Don't worry, I do cheer and yell and have a good time watching. It's just that there's SO MUCH of it to watch! geez!

It's crazy. But it will soon be over.

I'm dozing off. Happy Valentine's Day!

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