Friday, February 03, 2006

In the Beginning...

Brady, (who I have good relations/dialogue with in the the blogosphere) once articulated my stance regarding homosexuality this way, “She is religiously opposed to homosexuality (meaning she doesn't think it is in God's plan), but she is very fair-minded, balanced and open about the subject.” That’s pretty much it, in a nutshell. I can’t think of a better way to describe my beliefs about it.

For me, it comes down to design and what seems to me to be God’s original intent for humanity. Some people, whom I greatly admire, respect and turn to when I have theological dilemmas, believe that the Garden of Eden was not a literal place and that the story in Genesis wasn’t an actual event. I know others, like this man, who believe it WAS a real place and an actual event. I’m not sure, but I tend to lean toward the more literal view. Either way, we all agree on this. God’s plan is to eventually restore His kingdom to the original plan. Jesus is all about redemption and reconciliation. Restoring us to our place in God’s kingdom come. Jesus is the King and Lord of that age and He will reign again one day here on this earth. All the damage, hurt, pain, suffering, brokenness, etc. which entered our realm with that first act of defiance against God, will end.

There are MANY things, --and many of which I’ve been a part and continue to struggle with, --that will no longer be issues for us at that time. I happen to believe that homosexual acts are among those things . So, if you’ve tried reparative therapy, praying, fasting….everything but basically mutilation to rid yourself of your attractions….not to worry. All those “things” we struggle with which cause us to veer or stray from God’s original intent will all be set right. Resurrection. Redemption. Reconciliation. It’s an epic story we’re part of as believers in the kingdom of Christ.

What to do in the meantime? I’m not sure. Maybe that’s why we’re told this.


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em said...

Thanks for the encouraging thoughts! I think that anyone who trusts in Christ comes to quickly see that our reconciliation to Him is not fully-realized... but He will complete the good work that He began in us. PHP 1:6

Brady said...

Thanks for the link and compliment, Grace. Good post with a great message that really is worth repeating!

grace said...

Thanks Emery and Brady! One very humorous aside to this whole line of thinking...
At our last youth retreat our youth minister was in full teaching/preaching mode, telling the kids about his take on God's Kingdom that's coming....and he said, "and I believe there's going to be sex in heaven, and I'm going to demonstrate that in just a minute." There was a silent gasp followed by a roar of laughter. He recognized at that point what he'd said and clarified that he would read some scripture to prove his belief. It was one of the finer, more memorable moments of youth retreat history for all of us. :)

contratimes said...


I found your stumblings over at and could not resist following the link to your site. I am pleased to find that you are indeed the personification of your name, grace.

You have an interesting (and unique) cross to carry. Perhaps I can help by letting you know that I shall pray for you and your husband.

You are right to believe that the gay issue is a matter of design. For sex between man and woman is powerfully sacramental: it completes the image of God intercoursing with His Church. Of course, I have no time to delve into that here, and surely my comment reveals my Catholic/Evangelical/Episcopal hand. But the Scriptures and the Church, as well as the very reasonable (though damaged and corrupted) creation, defend your position about design without recourse to homophobia, abuse, prejudice or blindness.

Peace to you. I will visit again.

Bill Gnade (Gnade is the German/Dutch word for grace, mercy)