Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I play in a Bunco group with some ladies from church. The group is not of my "typical" crowd but I've forced myself to be a part of it and it blesses me. This is a group of women who are all a generation or two up from me in age. Their kids are all grown and out of the house, living productive lives of their own. A few of them have children my age, even. Most of them are grandparents. The fellowship is good for me for several reasons.

1. They make me feel young. Simply because I'm usually the youngest one there.

2. They give me hope in that many of them have been through some of the same sorts of struggles I go through with my children, and their children all made it through.

3. I make them laugh. I love being funny, and they seem to find me funny. It makes me feel good that they seem to enjoy my company. I'm a pretty transparent person about most of the struggles in my life and I find a good way to deal with most things is to find the humor in the situation.

4. They give me hugs, affirmation, and encouragement. It's still not quite like it would be if it were actually my own mother, but it fills a void for me and I'm thankful for them.

I started out as a substitute player but have quickly moved in as a regular. I never wanted to go originally, I went because I was always helping out a friend in need who couldn't be there. I actually dreaded it the first several times. Tdub sort of "rolls his eyes" over my participation in such a group. Heck, I rolled my own eyes about it at first. But, I trust that God's purposes are bigger than mine, and that He's even in the small things, and the things done just for fun, like this once-monthly little game we play.

So, off I go, to Bunco.


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em said...

Go the bunco! ;-) My church played bunco as a tradition almost every New Year's eve. I thought it was lame. I still do, actually. haha! But, just doing it for fun, good times, and giggles is great. New Years should be for Champagne, not bunco.

grace said...

I think champagne is over-rated. I've just never aquired much of a taste for it....and I HAVE tried the REALLY expensive kind...at the expense of Tdub's "boss". :)
I love sparkling apple juice though, it's yummy! (and we can afford it!)