Friday, February 24, 2006


What a week it's been! I can't remember a Friday when I've come home from school more tired. I took a 3 hour nap after I got home and Tdub came home from work, loaded the guys in the car, and took them out to eat. They'll be home early though because they're (he and the 3 younger boys) going to run in a race of some sort in FW tomorrow morning. I hope the chill and the rain let up for them. I'll be sleeping in and enjoying a morning all to myself. Wow, an evening and a morning of quiet solitude. I'll have no excuse not to be "recharged" after this!

The highlight of our week was the beginning of our huddle groups with the youth on Wednesday night. Tdub and I have the sophomores meeting here at our house for Wednesday night class. We had a small group this first go round but we expect the attendance to pick up after the word gets out that the format's changed and that free snacks can be enjoyed during the devo. There were 5 girls and 3 boys here last Wednesday.

It's been several years since our youth minister did the "huddle" format. Tdub and I have had a group each time. One thing that struck me profoundly last Wednesday night was the difference in Tdub from the first time we took a huddle group till now. Our first experience with huddles was immediately after we married and before "all hell broke loose" in our marriage. It was a large group of seniors who were like the "dream team" of youth. Most of them were very active in school as well as church and several brought friends along who were members of other churches but enjoyed being with this group of kids on Wednesday nights. They were a bright group emotionally as well as intellectually. I'm not sure what our purpose with them was but I understand, now, what their purpose was for my life. As I sat in our living room with the new huddle group Wednesday night, listening to Tdub share from his heart some of his expectations and perceptions of what huddle group is all about, I flashed back to the old Tdub, sharing with the group before, and it was as if God had engineered every bit of it as a testament to me of His power to heal, change, redeem and restore.

The first huddle group was one of the several things that just didn't reconcile for me with Tdub. I discovered a man who seemed to have compartmentalized all these different areas of his life. There was the "father", the "Bible class teacher", the "Youth Leader", the "husband", and a few other roles. It was as if he was sectioned off into all these parts and each of us had to wait (or not, depending on who you were) for your slice of time from him. He said all the right things at the huddle group, but, when we left the huddle group, those things seem to stay there or only apply to the kids he was teaching. He was also a wonderful, nurturing father. Still is, for that matter. But, the father in him was separate from the teacher, the friend, and the husband. I'm not sure if this will make sense to anyone but me.

The difference now is that Tdub has become one whole person. His role as husband, father, teacher, friend, etc...all combine and intertwine to form the person he is ALL the time. It's an amazing transformation, really. And one I might not have had revealed to me so fully had it not been for God's hand in making us part of huddle groups. I'm continuously amazed at the complexity of God's plans for us. He truly does work ALL things together for our good so that ultimately His will is accomplished in our lives. In moments like the other night, at huddle group, as I listened to Tdub and recognized the MIRACLE sitting across the room from me, I'm blown away by this God who didn't stop at sending His son to rescue me, but continues to order my steps and take the time and effort to REVEAL His plans in ways that I can comprehend. Unbelievable.


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em said...

Hey there Grace:

Thanks for sharing this "Huddle Group commentary". I think you make the point quite well, and this is not just for TDub. It's for each of us: God is in the process of conforming us to the image of Christ.

I like to say, "If you don't look back on your life and say, perhaps even with shame, 'I can't believe I used to do that!', then you're not growing."

grace said...

Thanks Em!
I can only reflect on the time I shared and imagine the time to come...since I know and am assured that in Christ we only go onward and upward "further up and further in" in the words of C.S. Lewis (or is it Tolkien??).
Either way....this gives me hope for my life not just in the age to come but in the HERE and NOW.