Monday, February 20, 2006

Answered Prayer

The weekend with my parents was GREAT. Unbelievable. It's as if the past 6 years is a closed chapter and we are movin' on. Granted, we are not "close" as in share all of who you are close. But then, we never were. Ever. I've only felt like I could completely be myself with my Dad growing up....but he has allegiances to my Mom which have always inhibited me with him as well. Who knows? Maybe he's at the root of it. Anyway, I'm just glad/happy/thrilled that we are finally back to a place where we can visit and relax together, in OUR home, no less, and part ways having called it a good time. This is MAJOR and an answer to years of prayer on both sides.

Luckily, the squirrels in the attic did manage to stay off their little polo ponies and curled up tightly in balls sleeping during the parental visit. It's uncanny, though, that not 10 minutes after they pulled away, I could have sworn I heard a faint and tiny neighing sound and then, as if the Lone Ranger of squirrels had suddenly appeared from nowhere, the tiny clamoring of little hoofbeats could be heard running across the ceiling. Maybe there's a little geeky, struggling squirrel up there who reads my blog on his little wireless laptop, and warned the others of the impending visit. Yeah, that's it! I'm glad they take him seriously. :)


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Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

I'm glad the weekend went well. I think my husband and I figured out the connection. Intials of KB? Maybe?


grace said...

Yep! :)