Thursday, August 18, 2005

Turned a Corner

I'm almost positive we've turned a huge corner at school/work.

First day was yesterday and our new head honcho was appropriately (not too much, not too little) amazed and appreciative of the super smooth and problem-free first day of school that occurs when your building is comprised of mostly veteran (and caring) teachers.

I'm really thinking now that the first impression was a mis-read. I think now that he answered questions with questions because 1)he didn't know the answer 2) he didn't want to admit he didn't know the answer. Most of the questions we ask aren't really questions we need an answer for, just things we're trying to find out his particular take on so that we are conscientious and don't inadvertantly do something he won't be pleased with. He seems to be getting better about just asking us what to do instead of feeling like he's supposed to have all the answers. I really think it all boils down to trust....which takes some time to build.

So many things boil down to that one thing in life, don't they? Trust.

Hurting people or people in any phase of healing from big hurts have difficulties with trust....God designed us that way, it seems. Food for thought, that is. (how yoda of me)



Rex said...

Perhaps, rather than the feeling of being threatened, or even wanting to ridicule - perhaps your new boss answers back in questions simply because he have been doing it all this while that it has become part and parcel of his character?

I'm guessing he's doing this not on purpose, not to protect his ego, or to insult others. It is just the way he always have been.

Or, then again, maybe not.

grace said...

You're probably right. I'm going to make every effort to be more full of grace in my dealings with him. I'm believing things really will get better.
Thanks so much for commenting!