Monday, August 22, 2005


We're here! Arrived yesterday afternoon and are still just outside LA staying with my husband's birth mother and brother (that's an entire blog in itself...the story of the God's power to redeem and restore). We will be driving on over to the campus in just a few hours.

It was horrible leaving town yesterday....just driving away with him....seeing him hug his dad and little brother goodbye. Crossing the bridge of the lake where he's spent most of his waking hours this summer, behind a boat on a wakeboard, about caused me to start wailing uncontrollably. But I held on. He'd have chided me horribly if I'd broken down. He's a pretty tight package emotionally, but did tear up a bit when he hugged his dad.

However, since we've been out here it's been great. We've had a great time just enjoying each other's company and visiting with "mom" and brother (who leaves for a theatre arts college in Chigaco on Thursday).

It feels good and right to have him here. I'm excited and ready for him to have a world of his own to be the "expert" in. It will be good for him.

More later.


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