Saturday, August 20, 2005

Here We Go

Leaving early tomorrow morning. We had a family dinner last night with several of his favorite if he were about to go to the electric chair or something! Which, I'm pretty sure the amount of studying he's going to need to do will feel like a death penalty to him. Oh well. If he wants to keep that ocean view dorm room then I guess he'll do what he has to do .

He did make the little guys' day yesterday by showing up with 2 friends to have lunch with them at school. Nothing much could beat having a cool big brother and two cool friends show up at your school to eat with you.

I had bad dreams all night last night. At one point I actually threw the covers off of me in a desperate attempt to escape the mudslide I was dreaming I'd just been trapped in. At least I slept.

We did find out that we'll have wireless access at the hotel we're staying I'll probably update from there.

I'm excited, nervous, and sad all wrapped up into one. It's sort of like a humoungous and intense version of the first time he's done lots of other little things in life, like play in a basketball game, leave elementary school (and me) for junior high, Mexico mission trip, TREK (mountain climbing youth trip), driving, getting a job......all that. But this time, it's like....this is it....your life. All those things we've encouraged you to do, allowed you to do, watched you experience on your own. This is what it all comes down to. Getting out there and actually figuring out how you're going to live your life and who you're going to be. Without us. On your own. Good luck and see at Thanksgiving. It's pretty tough.


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