Monday, August 29, 2005

One Down, Three to Go

My husband is on a business trip while I mind the house with the remaining three males for the next few days. They've actually been quite good; very willing to help and careful to keep an eye out for opportunities to pitch in around the house. It's as if they each want to be "man of the house" during his absence. Amazingly, they've not even bickered for pecking order which is HUGE because they typically can be quite rude and hateful to one another. Right now they all seem to be sensitive to the fact that it's been difficult to say goodbye to older brother. They feel his absence at least as much as I do.

I've seen a shift for the good in their overall attitude with his departure. I sense, from things they're talking about lately, that they have a new awareness of what it means to grow up. Big brother has given them a living, breathing example of what the future looks like. Leaving home actually happens because he's done it. My choices, my grades, my service opportunities....all of it....DO make a difference. I really sense that shift in them. It's awesome. I hope it lasts at least through the end of the week!



Anonymous said...

I think what you'll also see is a shift in the dynamics of the family. They'll no longer operating on a day to day basis in response to their older brother, whether positively or negatively. That means that their interactions, inter-relations and "pecking order" (as you rightly point out) will slowly shift over the next few weeks.

What will be really interesting to watch is how your oldest son will fit back in when he returns on vacation.

grace said...

yes...I'm looking forward to that as well. :) Thanks for commenting!