Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Rules

Boxed up things to ship to CA today. It's really beginning to sink in now that he's leaving. We fly him out there next Sunday and there are three days of parent orientation. I spent some time today doing something that seems kinda corny but it somehow comforts me. I typed up this little list of "The Rules" to print out and frame for him. I'm going to hang it behind his desk or something in his room.

The Rules

Do your best.
Not because it will make me or anyone else proud or because it will help you “get ahead” in life….but because you have been blessed by God with opportunities. Wasting your opportunities by not doing your best is the same as being ungrateful to God for blessing you.
Do all that you do as unto the Lord.
If you this is your motivation then you will automatically follow the first rule.
Give God the glory for every success or good thing that happens in your life.
In this way you can celebrate and be happy without getting a big head or inadvertently thinking you are better than others. Every good thing comes from God.
Give God the glory when you meet with failure or when bad things happen.
Remember that God is sovereign and He has everything in control no matter what.
If you make a bad choice or mess up, ask for help.
I love you no matter what. I won’t over-react and I’m here for you.

I love you so much!
August 2005
I can do this. Really. I can.

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