Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Jesus, the Party Animal

ok....TWICE in one day now I've heard two guys named Randy tell me that Jesus was a party animal. These two live in different states and don't even know each other (i don't think) but it's made a good point with me, having heard it twice in one day. One Randy states it on this blog and the other was a professor at Abilene Christian who spoke at our church tonight. (just realized it's actually a Max Lucado devotional....but it's still on Randy's blog ; )

I've suspected it for a while. The party animal thing. It was good to hear....and for some reason particularly so since I (even at the ripe old age of 42) was one of the very youngest people sitting in our Wednesday night assembly. I guess it's just a view of Jesus I'd like to see take more root in our church body as a whole.

The Randy at church tonight also mentioned something to the effect of blue hair being accepted in our churches on 70 yr.olds but not 20 yr.olds.

AND, he made the point that if a gay couple came into our assembly they should leave feeling that the people there would be willing to lay down their lives for them. In other words, we should love them like Jesus does.

Both Randys have given me much to think and pray about because it's important to me, when God is so obviously sending messages this way, to figure out how to apply it in my spiritual walk/growth process. To me, if what you believe doesn't somehow impact your behavior and your choices, then chances are, you don't really believe it.

I really believe Jesus was a party animal.


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